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Developing Intelligent Imaging™ technologies that connect you to a powerfully visual world.

ArcSoft CEO — Michael Deng

ArcSoft is a leading algorithm and software solution provider in the computer vision industry, serving customers around the world, commercializing leading computer vision technologies for enabling advances camera applications among smart phones, smart cars, smart homes, Smart retail, Internet video and other fields, and continue to explore new areas.

Believing camera and image everywhere, since its founding, ArcSoft has been focusing on the technology and software applications related to imaging and computer vision on main stream devices and platforms, such as smartphones, DSC, VR cameras, drone cameras, IP cameras, smart TVs , robots, smart refrigerators, smart vacuum cleaners, automobile, PCs, tablets, servers, and internet applications.

Normally deeply embedded in customers' devices, ArcSoft's software imaging solutions in the past two decades have been shipped with billions of hardware products, helping to improve the capture process, picture/video quality and users experience of mobile photography, enable specific visual features.

During its 20 year history, ArcSoft has successfully built up a top R&D team with hundreds of scientists and engineers specialized in all aspects related to the technologies of imaging and computer vision. The talents and technologies enable our customers offer to the market with innovative features on their existing hardware platform for value differentiations and early time-to-the-market.

Moving forward, ArcSoft will heavily invest in the visual algorithms related to the multi-cameras on mobile phone, mobile 3D modeling, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR). These efforts will result in more innovative software applications, continuous helping our OEM clients to offer to the marketing a more competitive and higher value product to the end users in the future.

Our presence



46605 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538

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Pembroke House,

28-32 Upper Pembroke Street,

Dublin 2, Ireland

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Taiwan ¦


(Business Office)

9F-1, No.168 , Sec.3 ,
Nanjing E. Road,
Taipei, Taiwan 104

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Mainland China¦


No.392 Binxing Road,
Binjiang District
Hangzhou 310052,

TEL: +86•571•88210600
FAX: +86•571•88210350

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Floor 15th,
CES West Bund Center T2,
277 Longlan Road,
Shanghai 200232,

TEL: +86•21•52981600
FAX: +86•21•52980248

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HUABO Smarter Valley,
No. 17,Huashen Road,
YuHuatai District,
Nanjing 210012, China

TEL: +86•25•52681678
FAX: +86•25•52668076

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Korea ¦


(Rep Office)

B-915, MSTATE, 114,
Beobwon-ro, Songpa-gu,
Seoul, KOREA
Zip : 05854

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¦ Japan


(Business Office)

ArcSoft K.K.
Onarimon Excellent Building 10F,
1-1-32 Shibadaimon,
Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105-0012

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