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Imaging expertise for the connected home

Introducing the smartest – and easiest to set up – home monitoring solution

simplicam® powered by Closeli®

Get peace of mind, anytime.
  • Don't miss what you're missing at home with simplicam® powered by Closeli®, the first and only home monitoring Wi-Fi video solution with state-of-the-art Face Detection technology that can tell you if someone's home. Whether you're a parent with a busy toddler, an animal lover with five adopted cats, a caretaker for your parents or a brand new homeowner, simplicam powered by Closeli lets you keep an eye on who and what matters most.
  • No-brainer setup: Get it done on your smartphone in less than three minutes. Easy peasy!
  • Watch anywhere: See the action in live HD on your mobile device or computer.
  • Face Detection: Knows the difference between your kids and the dog walking through.
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