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Affiliate Program

The ArcSoft Affiliate Program is an easy way to turn your website into a money making machine! We have teamed up with Commission Junction to provide our publishers with monthly commission checks, creative banner content, and real-time tracking. The sky is the limit when it comes to how much you can earn.

Sign-up Now & Become an Affiliate

Why join the ArcSoft Affiliate Program?

  • Easy Setup
    We supply you with the tools and handle all the details including order processing, billing, and tracking
  • Earn up to 20%
    Offer our products on your website, newsletters, and/or emails and earn up to a 20% commission
  • Trusted Third Party Tracking
    Just add our links and banners and we do all the tracking and reporting for you via the Commission Junction interface
  • It's Free
    Best of all; there is absolutely no charge to join the ArcSoft Affiliate Program.

Commission Rates

The more you sell, the more you can earn; up to 20%
Monthly Sales Commission Rate
Less than $1,000 10%
$1,001 - $5,000 15%
$5,001 - $10,000 17.5%
$10,001 or higher 20%

Sign-up Now & Become an Affiliate

Join today or email the ArcSoft Affiliate Team for more information at

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