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How to Use Advanced Editing

How to Use Advanced Editing

In ArcSoft ShowBiz 5, you can customize your movie by using the Advanced Editing tools. When you are in the Advanced Editing screen, you can use Rotate to change the orientation, Reverse to flip the video, Crop and the Trimming tools to get rid of unwanted parts, apply the Anti-Shake tool for smoother playback, reduce the noise level in your video with the Denoise tool, and color correct the video.

Step 1

Select and import a video clip or photo to ShowBiz 5 and add it to the storyboard. Double-click the video clip or photos, or click the Advanced Editing button advanced editing on the floating toolbar or choose the option from the right-click menu.

advanced editing

Step 2

Use the tools provided in the Advanced Editing screen to customize your movie.

advanced editing

advanced editing Rotate - Select the aspect ratio for the project.

advanced editing Reverse - Reverses the current video clip or photo horizontally.

advanced editing Crop - Crops the video clip or photo. You can set the crop size by dragging the crop frame on the media file. Click Apply to save the edit.

Color Correction - Adjusts the, temperature, hue, saturation, brightness and contrast of the current video clip or photo.

Anti-Shake - Reduces the shaking influence in the video clip, which is caused by hand-shaking while recording a video.

De-Noise - Reduces the noise from the original video.

Trim Video - Click the Define trim area on the timeline of the video to start the trim. Then drag the frame to adjust the size of the trim area. Click Reverse to select the area out of the trim frame. Click the advanced editing button to preview the trimmed video clip. Tap Apply to save the edit.

Step 3

To adjust the audio of a video in the Advanced Editing screen, you can adjust the volume output or add fade in/out effects to an audio file by clicking the wave thumbnail on the top right of video. Drag the yellow line within the sound wave to increase or decrease the volume. Click the video thumbnail on the top right of sound wave to back to Advanced Editing.

advanced editing

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