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Account & Registration

  • How do I create an ArcSoft account?

    Please click here to get started. Type your e-mail address and click Create an ArcSoft Account. After you create it successfully, an e-mail will be sent to you to activate your account.

  • What are the advantages of joining the ArcSoft Account Center?

    Once you become an ArcSoft member and login to your ArcSoft Account, you are able to receive many benefits including:

    • Free FAQs, tutorials and manuals
    • Free e-mail support
    • Retrieve an activation code when you want to reinstall the program
    • Discounts on product upgrades - up to 60% in savings
    • Complete access to ArcSoft forum - read and post messages
    • Optional subscription to ArcSoft's periodic e-mail announcements featuring new products, product promotions, and special discounts

    Click here to join us now.

  • How do I retrieve/change my password?

    Please click here to get back your password. Type the e-mail address you used to create the account and then the correct password will be sent to your e-mail account. To change/reset your password, please click here. Enter the new password and click Submit.

  • How do I change my account information?

    Please log in to your ArcSoft Account and click the Account Settings tab to change the profile, password, e-mail address and newsletter option.

  • What can I benefit from the ArcSoft's Newsletter Subscription?

    Once you subscribe to our newsletter, you can receive e-mails for exclusive savings, critical updates and technical news. Follow steps below to receive our newsletter.

    1. Login to your ArcSoft Account.

    2. Click the Account Settings tab.

    3. On the Change Newsletter Subscription tab, select the check box to subscribe to the newsletter or uncheck it to unsubscribe.

  • Do I need to register the program before submitting questions?

    You are not required to register the program before you submit a question. If you are using an OEM program bundled with your hardware device, we recommend you register the program first because you can see the available upgrade for your program after it is registered.

  • How do I register my ArcSoft application?

    You can register the software in your ArcSoft Account.

    1. Please login to your ArcSoft Account.

    2. Click the Customer Service tab.

    3. Click the Software Registration tab and then fill in the correct information (Serial Number, Product Title, Place of Purchase, etc.) to continue with the software registration.

    Note Usually, the software purchased from our online store is not required to be registered.

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