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Product Activation

  • How do I activate an ArcSoft product?

    To activate ArcSoft programs, first open your confirmation email and copy the Activation Code with the provided "Copy" button.

    Then open the program and navigate to the user center from the "i" User Center button typically found in or near the top menu bars.

    Once you have opened the User Center, select the Activation tab.

    In the Activation tab, right click in the "Activation Code" field and click Paste (or use the CTRL+V keyboard shortcut for Paste).

    When you have finished pasting your code, enter the email address shown in the confirmation email into the "Licensed Email" field. (You must use the exact email address shown in your confirmation email even if you've changed email providers since you ordered.)

    Once you have pasted the code and entered your email address, click "Activate" to activate the program.

  • Why does this program I downloaded need an Activation Code?

    You can try it for 15 days without a code. If you want to continue using it after the 15 days are up, you must purchase and enter an Activation Code.

  • Where do I get an Activation Code?

    If you'd like to continue using the program after the trial per ends, you can purchase an Activation Code directly from ArcSoft's web site:

  • I lost my Activation Code. Where do I find it?

    Your Activation Code can be found in the confirmation email sent when you ordered. It can also be found online in your ArcSoft account order history, which can be accessed by logging in from this page:

  • Why do I have to manually type this whole long code?

    You don't, you can Copy and Paste the code from the right click menu or with the keyboard shortcuts. Hold CTRL and C to Copy, and CTRL and V to Paste.

  • I entered my Activation Code, but it doesn't work. What's wrong?

    Make sure your email address does not have typos and matches the one you used to order the program and that you have copied the entire activation code. If there's still a problem, contact customer service from the following page by submitting a case:

  • How to active ArcSoft product?

    The following products have slightly different way to active. Click the product title to see detail.

    - PhotoStudio for Mac

    - Perfect365 for Mac

    - Print Creations Windows

    - Print Creations for Mac

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