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  • Can I change the currency when I order the program?

    You can change the currency from the Select Currency drop-down list in the shopping cart. The available currencies include: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar and Canadian Dollar.

  • How do I get an invoice for my order?

    Please login to your ArcSoft Account and click the Order History tab. Click the Print icon  on the right of the specific order to view the invoice. You can either print it or save it as a PDF format.

  • Where can I find my order history?

    You can find your order history in your ArcSoft Account. Please login to your ArcSoft Account and click the Order History tab. The My Software Purchases tab displays the items purchased from ArcSoft online store and the My Photo Gift Purchases shows the print items ordered within the ArcSoft programs.

  • Where can I locate my order status?

    Please login to your ArcSoft Account and click the Order History tab to view the status of your order.

  • What should I do if I cannot find my order?

    In most cases, you can have multiple e-mail addresses and have forgotten which e-mail address you used to purchase the products. Please contact us with your order number. If you used a wrong e-mail address to place the order, we will help you merge it into the correct one.

  • What can I do if I purchased a download version but did not receive an order confirmation?

    Once your order is placed successfully, an order confirmation will be sent to you automatically containing the activation information and the download link. Please ensure that you used the correct e-mail address to purchase the program. If you used a wrong e-mail address, the confirmation e-mail was sent there and you might not receive the notification. Please contact us with your order number. If you used the correct e-mail but did not receive the e-mail notification, please first check the Spam/Junk folder in your e-mail. You can also check it in your ArcSoft Account. Click the Order History tab, and then click Invoice No. to display the details of your order.

  • I have lost/deleted my order confirmation. What should I do now?

    Please first login to your ArcSoft Account and click the Order History tab to view the status of your order. You will receive your order confirmation by e-mail after completing the online order process. If you lost the e-mail confirmation or it has already been deleted, please contact us to receive another copy. To get prompt and specific support, please provide your order related information such as order ID and e-mail address before you submit your request. This will help us find your order in time.

  • What should I do if the download link in the order confirmation e-mail expired?

    The download link in your order confirmation e-mail or your ArcSoft Account will be expired after 30 days. Please remember to download the software in time. If the link expires, you can also download the trial version of the program from our online store and then use the activation information provided (Licensed Email and Activation Code) to activate the program.

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