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Convert Photo to 3D

Handy Tips on how to Convert Photo to 3D

Accompanied with a lot of new movies, games being released in 3D, the topic of 3D photo conversion is getting hotter and hotter as well. But when I'm talking about converting photo to 3D by yourself, most people don't even have the slightest idea how to achieve it and what does the process actually mean. It seems like a tough task for users with little computer knowledge. Yes, you can doubtlessly make your own 3D photos by using 2D to 3D photo converter program like ArcSoft MediaConverter. It turns to be a quite good application that helps you create 3D photos without hassle. So with a little effort, anybody with a camera, a computer equipped with ArcSoft MediaConverter, can make their own 3D photos of family members, pets or anything else worth placing in front of a lens.

Below is the step-by step tutorial on how to convert photo to 3D in detail. Hope it can help you indeed.

Step 1Import 2D photos

Directly drag and drop 2D photos to ArcSoft MediaConverter for loading. Batch conversion is supported, meaning that you can convert one or more photos. Or click "Photo" and choose the photos on your computer.

convert 2d photo to 3d

Step 2Select 3D output

At the top of right-corner of the main interface, select "Select Output" and enter "3D" in the searching box. And then choose "JPG 3D Anaglyph" or "JPG 3D".

convert 2d photo to 3d

Step 3 Start Conversion

Click "Start" to begin 2D to 3D photo conversion. The converting progress bar shows you how much of the encoding is completed. Then go to location above "settings" button to see how your exported 3D photo looks like.

convert 2d photo to 3d

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