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Edit 3D Photo

How to Make Stunning 3D photos with 3D Photo Editor

"I'm just going to do everything in 3D now. I snapped 3D photos at my daughter's birthday party. Now I want to edit it."

3D is everywhere now. Thousands of cinemas are being upgraded to show new 3D movies; new computer display technology is bring 3d to the desktop; a growing enthusiastic community is breathing new life into 3D photography and Editing. Today, you can easily edit 3D photo by yourself with the help of 3D photo editorArcSoft ShowBiz. Even if you don't have a ton of experience with 3D photo editing, you can still easily spruce up your 3D photo.

If you haven't experienced with the 3D photo editing, now is the time to try ArcSoft ShowBiz to make your photo more vivid. Follow the quick directions below to see how easily it is to edit 3D photo.

Note: You can directly input and add sparks to all of your 3D photos from your devices and your computer, even the original photos are in two dimensions.

Step 1 Import 3D photo

Load your 3D photo from your computer or portable devices by clicking the corresponding button at the top of the left corner. You can search for 3D photo via folder trees and thumbnails in built-in file window. And drop it into the storyboard.

Step 2 Basic& Advanced Edit

Basic Editing: You can add some elements to your photo now. Texts, effects are available for 3D photo editing. There're plenty of patterns for you to choose.

Advanced Editing: For perfect effects, you can double click the image track for an advanced editing: rotate, reverse, crop, and much more.

Step 3 Output 3D photo

ArcSoft ShowBiz allows you to export your masterpiece to multiple media devices (no matter players, smart phones, PSPs, etc), share online, save on local computer and etc.

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