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Recipe for Making 3D Videos by Yourself

You must have gorgeous 3D movie "Avatar" kept in your memory. Thanks to the blazing 3D special effects the movie has drawn a wide attraction to audience all over the world. Or you may have a collection of some classic movies that would be memorized all along; you just want to burnish them with some fashion tricks. Today you can create 3D movie/video by yourself, as long as you're equipped with magnificent video editing software ArcSoft ShowBiz, from 2D and 3D originals all as you like.

The 3D movie maker can input and add sparks to all of your 3D videos and movies from a variety of devices, even the original videos are in two dimensions. No one cares what they are before you using ShowBiz; it is the blazing 3D effects that the program enables your works that really count, as long as you show some respect on the regulations related to the copyright.

Part 1Make Movies from 3D Home Videos

It's extraordinarily easy to make 3D movies now with ShowBiz. For those videos shot by 3D camcorders, you can import them with no hassle and retouch them with plenty of effects, and finally save them in 3D formats.

Make 3D Movie

It also works with any 2D movie that has been shown, while it is suggested to think twice before you upload and share the videos online.

Part 2Create Brand-New 3D from 2D Videos

As for those ordinary 2D videos, ShowBiz boasts its magic Sim3D technology which can change your 2D movies thoroughly to deliver an extremely approximate 3D representation.

Here's a simple 1-2-3 step:

  1. Import videos from camcorders, local files, portable media devices, etc to ShowBiz.
  2. According to your original video, decide whether to open Sim3D function. You can choose video dimension in preference settings at the right top.

    Make 3D Movie

  3. Do some editing if you like and finish the 3D movie. Select an output solution among different file formats and storage medium.

Movies in 3D has become a major and nature trend recently and people can enjoy not only picturesque video image but also experience personally right on the living-room couch. Great 3D movie maker is just at your finger tip.

Tips: To watch 3D movies on your computer, you need a professional 3D player and some hardware supports. You will get the best 3D effect to use ShowBiz in conjunction with TotalMedia Theartre especially when you've changed a 2D movie into 3D ones.

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