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How to Convert AVI Videos Fast and Easily

AVI, stands for Audio Video Interleave, is referred as a digital multimedia container format which is introduced in November 1992 by the renowned company, Microsoft. The AVI files contain both video and audio data in its file container and like DVD, AVI files are capable enough for supporting multiple streaming video and audio. As the name implies Audio Video Interleave, it shows the relationship between audio and video format. In this, digital video frames and waveform audio are interleaved.

For converting files of various formats such as WMV, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, MKV, M2TS, etc. into AVI format and AVI file into any format or both, ArcSoft MediaConverter is used. Besides conversion, the video converter is also used for editing videos. Download and install the AVI converter and next let's get to the procedure of converting videos to AVI format.

Step 1Step 1: Import any video file into the AVI video converter

The procedure is same irrespective of the supported target formats a person chooses. Primarily, select those files which you want to change in AVI format from the left panel, or you can directly drag the files into the workspace.

Convert AVI Video

Step 2Select AVI as the output format

Then click "Select Output" to choose AVI (MPEG-4, H.264 or MJPEG encoded AVI file) as the file extension you would like to export the file as. Meanwhile you can choose a folder where you would like you to save the output file by clicking the media-converter icon on the bottom right corner.

AVI Converter

Step 3 Start the conversion

After that, make necessary settings with regard to video quality, video codec, etc. Once, all settings are made, start conversion process by pressing "Start" button. As soon as the button is press, the converter will start showing conversion process. The work would be done in a few seconds and just enjoy a sip of coffee at short intervals.

Convert .avi

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