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Edit HD Camcorder Video

What Do You Need to Edit HD Videos from HD Camcorder?

World-renown digital producers roll out high-definition camcorders one by another in recent years. With a full supply of HD camcorders drawing the eyes, you must have thought about upgrading your video equipments to follow the trends.

But why hesitate? All due to the fact that editing videos from HD camcorder on PC is a boring task, and is somewhat restricted by hardware and software.

So long as your computer has standard-level hardware, you will get totally free access to edit HD videos on personal computer, with the help of ArcSoft ShowBiz.

Setp 1Why ShowBiz to Edit HD Camcorder

As we all know, the difficulty of HD camcorder video edit is concentrated on how to add the video effects while outputting the final works smoothly and fast to the utmost. Some video editors you're used to fix standard definition videos appear poor when they come across HD ones. The reason varies from each case. But the most common ones are:

  1. The editor runs poor on your computer for its high hardware requirements;
  2. The editor cannot edit videos in uncommon formats smoothly and stably;
  3. You really need to change your computer because it's out of date.

Edit HD Camcorder Video

ShowBiz easily solves the first two problems for you, on the basis of its reasonable requirements. Its sleek new features attach great importance to edit and process HD videos from HD camcorder on relatively common system requirements. Also it supports multiple camcorder video formats and directly imports those videos without converting.

Setp 2How to Edit with ShowBiz

Three steps are enough:

Edit HD Camcorder Video

  1. Import: Connect your high-definition camcorder to computer and launch ShowBiz
  2. Edit: Drag foot ages to ShowBiz storyboard and add elements, effects, audio and video tracks
  3. Export: Choose to share, save, transfer or add disc frames for HD video and done.

Tips: CPU and VGA card is anyhow important to your HD camcorder video editing process and final quality. ShowBiz provides hardware acceleration to maximize CPU efficiency as far as possible.

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