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Import Panasonic PV Video

Something You Should Know to Import Panasonic Camcorder Video

Assume that you're watching your naughty little son playing with your neighbor's girl, holding with your Panasonic PV Camcorder, how to get Panasonic PV videos onto your computer to burn a disc or for permanent save? If you've been feeling tricky at the problem, be patient to read following tips, you'll suddenly see the light.

Usually Panasonic PV series contains digital and analog video camcorders, those whose model numbers have an "L" are analog camcorders.

Series Module Number
Panasonic PV

PV-GS320, PV-GS400, PV-GS500, PV-GS35, PV-GS250, PV-GS80, PV-GS4000, PV-GS9, PV-GS180, PV-GS35, PV-L354, PV-GS90, PV-GS120, PV-GS29, PV-GS90, PV-L559, PV-GS85, PV-L550, PV-GS39, PV-L454,

It always comes to your mind that "how about do some edit after I import my Panasonic PV videos?" You need a handy program more than a converter or an editor, that's advanced video editor ArcSoft ShowBiz.

Part 1MiniDV Camcorders

Panasonic PV series contain many products that support MiniDV save, say PV-GS, PV-DV, and PV-VM. For MiniDV camcorder videos, the most efficient way to load them to computers is use 1394 port and 1394 line. You need a 1394 card on your computer. With the help of advanced video editing software ArcSoft ShowBiz you can easily manage and edit Panasonic PV videos after importing in the simplest 1-2-3 step.

Import Panasonic PV Video

Part 2VHS-C Camcorders

PV-L, PV-D camcorders are old-style VHS-C camcorders that are compatible well with home video recorders. If you want to watch the videos, just connect the camcorder with recorder via a special converter.

Import Panasonic PV Video

However, it is a little complicated to edit those videos from Panasonic PV camcorder to PC. You need a professional video capture program and an analog video capture card. ShowBiz covers the capturing tasks excellently, and offers you handy way to get videos from Panasonic PV camcorders to PC.

Import Panasonic PV Video

You even needn't find your camcorder device in "My Computer", ShowBiz detect devices and smoothly load video files from camcorder quickly, with no extra lose. (Capturing process will decrease video quality more or less no matter what hardware and software you utilize.)

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