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Convert FLV to AVI

How to Convert FLV (Flash Video) Files to AVI Formats

Flash Video file or FLV is file format that contains video files to be used over the internet with the help of Adobe Flash Player. Alternatively, you can also embed it with SWF files. Online videos that you often see on YouTube and other similar sites can be uploaded or downloaded in FLV format.

Better known as Audio Video Interleave, AVI format was introduced by Microsoft to act as a container for multimedia files in both the audio and video versions. File in another format such as FLV can be converted to AVI by using the FLV AVI converter of the well known MediaConverter from ArcSoft.

With ArcSoft MediaConverter, you can accomplish such tasks quite convincingly. The application allows you to perform the conversion procedure in an easy manner without hassles and has also its own FAQ section where you can clarify your doubts regarding the process. Before learning how to convert FLV to WMV, free download and install the program following the instructions.

Step 1Select the input file

On the left panel of the software, select the "Video" icon to choose the FLV file that you want to convert to AVI format.

Convert FLV to AVI

Step 2Choose the output format

Choose the "Select Output" button to select the AVI format, in which you want your FLV file to be converted. Then click the /done-icon.jpg icon.

Convert FLV to AVI

Step 3Start converting file format

Once you select the desired AVI format, click the "Start" button at the bottom to initiate the conversion of the file from FLV to AVI. This will perform your desired task.

Convert FLV to AVI

Useful Tips:

If you have performed the entire FLV to AVI process rightly then the download process will start after a little pause otherwise, it may prompt the message "Conversion Failed. The output format may be invalid".

You can check out if you have provided wrong input format such as instead of providing the AVI format, you may have selected BMP, JPEG or some other unrelated format. Once you correct the problem, the conversion is on.

You can choose the mode for the acknowledgement of process. The applications provides you with the option to hibernate, play alarm or shut down after the procedure of FLV to AVI conversion reaches its completion.

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