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Convert FLV to WMV

How to Convert FLV Videos to WMV Files for Joy

Q: How do you convert a video from a flv format to a wmv or any other format?

I'm looking for software that will convert my videos to another format so I can create a dvd with them. Is there any free software that I can download and do this? I have tried WM Converter, Ultra Video & Prism and none of these work.

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FLV files, commonly known as Flash Video files, are audio and video format that compresses media into quality files. These kinds of files are basically used for streaming content used on the internet. Commonly, videos shown on YouTube are comprised of FLV files. It happens sometimes that all kinds of computers are not compatible with FLV files because some media players are unable to recognize the format. Window Media Video is counted as popular video format which shows high quality results. Because Window Media Video, WMV, runs successfully in various kinds of applications, so FLV file can be easily converted into WMV with the help of ArcSoft MediaConverter. So, if any point of time, you come across with the same kind of problem, it indicates that FLV files need to convert in such format.

Converting FLV file into WMV file is an easy 3 step process. Before moving ahead, free download the FLV WMV converter and install the program following the instructions.

Step 1 Load FLV files to the software

Locate the FLV file on your hard drive, and drag it into the window, or select "Video" from "Source" and choose FLV form drop-down list.

Convert .flv to .wmv

Step 2 Choose output source format

Click the /select-output-icon.png icon, choose WMV as the output format from the drop-down menu and then click the "Done" button.

convert flv to wmv

Step 3 Begin converting your FLV to WMV

Click on "Start" button to start the process of conversion. During the process, you can pause or cancel the conversion if it requires. Depending on the file size, the process may take a few minutes.

flv to wmv

Navigate to the output directory when the export is done and click on the new WMV file for joy.

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