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How to Convert FLV Files Losslessly on Windows

FLV, commonly known as Flash Video, is a container format which is developed by Macromedia adopted by Adobe Systems. Operate as streaming video, FLV format is extremely flexible and relatively small compare to other media formats, it is popularly used to publish videos streams for most popular media service sites like YouTube, Yahoo! Video, Hulu. FLV extension file is supported by vast majority of browsers and viewable in most of the operating systems so it is nearly guaranteed to work on all of the visitors' PCs.

Flash videos can be download from YouTube via third-party software such as Video Downloader, it can be played by Adobe Flash Player and VLC media player, but some programs do not understand the format, so you can convert FLV into other formats such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, 3GP etc. for playback on PC and portable devices like PSP, Apple devices.

The powerful and splendid ArcSoft MediaConverter performs as FLV video converter with ease. The whole process involves three steps. Before go ahead, download the FLV converter and follow the command prompts to install MediaConverter onto the desktop.

Step 1Add files to MediaConverter

Select the "Video" icon and choose the files which you want to convert to FLV format, or directly drag and drop your video files into the application workspace.

FLV Converter

Step 2Select any format as the output format

Click the FLV Converter icon, and choose any format as the output format from the drop-down menu. Then click the "Done" button.

FLV Converter

Step 3 Start the FLV conversion

After selecting output, press "Start" button to begin the conversion, the process bar will show the file size, used time and remaining time. You can pause the conversion process anytime if necessary.

Within the time frame of few minutes, the files will be converted into desired format.

FLV Converter

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