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AVCHD Player

Play AVCHD Discs on Your Computer

if you buy a high definition camera, it is much likely that you have an abundance of files in the format of AVCHD. The only way to main this HD quality is to write it on a disc in this format. The problem starts when you want to play AVCHD discs on your computer. To playback AVCHD discs directly on your Windows PC will surely cause damage on your computer, besides, the playing process always encounter unexpected troubles. When you search on the Internet, it is extremely hard for you to find a suitable player is compatible with AVCHD as well.

Donnt fret. ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater will guide you out of trouble. It is not only an AVCHD player, but also a complete solution for all media playback. You can easily access to your favorite media including video, audio, DVD, Blu-ray, photo slideshow and etc.

Follow the easy steps below to see how to play AVCHD with this world's best digital home entertainment software.

Step 1Download AVCHD Player

If you don't have ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater yet, go to download and install it.

Step 2Load AVCHD file

Insert your AVCHD disc into your hard drive, and this AVCHD player will automatically playback.

AVCHD Player

Step 3Customize the file

To customize the file, when playing you can click "AV Center" to drop down a group of menus. to get perfect effects. If your computer does not have a high-performance video card, uncheck "Hardware Acceleration" under "Dislay" to improve system performance. Go to "Video Effects" to change the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation by moving the slid bar.

AVCHD Player

Step 4Control video playback

You can fully control your playback as you like. For example, click the "Pause" button if you want to stop your video temporarily. Right click and choose "Full Screen" if you want a full screen playback. Click the "Forward" button two or more times to fast forward your AVCHD. Besides the functions on the main interface, you also can right-click on the playing area to adjust more settings, such as selecting a specific title or chapter, or displaying the available audio options and other helpful options. More functions for ArcSoft MediaTheater are here for your exploring.

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