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How to Play MOD Files on PC

As a photography fan, you may take a lot of photos with your JVC video camera or camcorder. Most of JVC camcorders and video cameras save video clips with the MOD file extension. You may want to save and play MOD files on your personal computer. Unfortunately isn't compatible with many existing media players.

Before you return your new camcorder, you are recommended to use ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater to change this situation. It is not only a MOD player, but also an all-in-one media player that lets you easily play almost a full range of media files, like video, DVD, Blu-ray, AVCHD, photo slideshow.

Read the following steps on how to play MOD files so that you can enjoy all that footage you've recorded.

Step 1Download MOD File Player

Download Simply double-click the downloaded installation package of ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater and follow the on-screen instruction to get the software installed and launch it after installation.

Step 2Load MOD file

In the main interface, you need to click the "Media Manager" or the "Open" button to add MOD files on your computer to this media player.

MOD Player

Step 3Customize the file

When playing MOD file, you can click "AV Center" to customize the file. This MOD player provides a group of setting tools, such as audio output, audio effects, equalizer, display, and video effects. More settings are available if you right click the playing panel and choose settings.

MOD Player

Step 4Control video playback

Feel free to switch "Play" and "Pause" when you want to play or stop your video playing. To get a full screen, you can double click the playing video. In addition, click the "Forward" button two or more times to fast forward your MOD video.

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