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Convert MKV to AVCHD

How to Convert Videos from MKV to AVCHD with MediaConverter

In order to enjoy videos, it is necessary that they be in the proper format so that your video player should be able to play it without any problem. However, it may happen at times that your video format and your player are poles apart; as a result, you are deprived of watching it.
Something similar can happen with your MKV video if you have a player that supports AVCHD files. But thanks to the ArcSoft MediaConverter, now you can comfortably enjoy your MKV videos in AVCHD format and vice versa. The sophisticated MKV to AVCHD converter allows you to convert video files from MKV to AVCHD and also from AVCHD to MKV. Consequently, you are free to make the most of your video without any format restrictions.

The Matroska Multimedia Container (MKV) is an open standard free container format that is developed to contain innumerable video, audio and image files, subtitle tracks. Similarly, AVCHD is the best format for video camera recording on a DVD. With the help of MKV to AVCHD converter, you can easily perform the conversion process to and from MKV to AVCHD by following few simple steps. The best thing is that it can also be used as AVCHD to MKV converter, alternatively.

Steps to convert MKV to AVCHD

Step 1Import the MKV file

To start with, click the Convert MKV to AVCHD icon on the left of the software and choose the MKV file that you want to convert to AVCHD format.

Convert MKV to AVCHD

Step 2Edit the video (optional)

If you want to modify the settings of the video before converting it to AVCHD, then in the workspace click the Convert MKV to AVCHD icon on the video bar. Along with other options, you can also trim the video as per your requirement by clicking Convert MKV to AVCHD and Convert MKV to AVCHD to select the start and end time.

Convert MKV to AVCHD

Step 3Choose the output format

Next, select the format in which you want to convert MKV file, i.e. AVCHD by navigating to the right of the MKV to AVCHD converter and clicking /asf-converter-select-output-icon.png button.

Convert MKV to AVCHD

Step 4Start to convert MKV to AVCHD

After choosing the input file and selecting the output format, all you need is to start the conversion process. For this, click Convert MKV to AVCHD. As an acknowledgement, you will see the MKV to AVCHD conversion taking place in the form of a progress bar that will show you the percentage.

Convert MKV to AVCHD

If you want to be alerted about the completion of the process, you can do so by opting from among the choice to play alarm, hibernate or shutdown of the program.

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