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Convert MP4 to 3GP

How to Convert Videos between 3GP and MP4

Of late, the MP4 format is considered as the most sought after format for watching videos on MP4 or on computers. Owing to the fact, many customers prefer changing formats into MP4 format due to high video quality of MP4 and compatibility issues of 3GP file when played in computer.

3GP, stands for the Third Generation Partnership Project, is a common video and audio format for mobile devices. MP4 is the shortened form of MPEG-4 container format. Sometimes, commonly known as MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), it is a format which contains various kinds of multi-media content ranging from video, audio, 3D and 2D graphics, etc. By using the advanced technology, MP4 compresses the file into much smaller size. It is due to the fact many files are converted into MP4 format and same stands true in case of 3GP.

MP4 file is easy to convert into 3GP format with the help of ArcSoft MediaConverter. The converter also helps in converting MP4 to 3GP easily and quickly by following simple 4 steps. Before moving ahead, download and install the 3GP to MP4 converter software in your system.

Step 1Select the input file

First of all, click on "Video" icon and select MP4 file as input file as shown in figure below. Or you are allowed to drag and drop the file into the software.

Convert MP4 to 3GP

Step 2Choose the output format

Then, select output as 3GP format by clicking the Convert MP4 to 3GP icon and choose from the drop down menu.

Convert MP4 to 3GP

Step 3Start converting MP4 video to 3GP format

Once input and output file is selected, press "Start" button to start the conversion process. Once the file gets converted, the process will be considered as completed.

Convert 2D to 3D

During the process, users are free to click on Convert MP4 to 3GP which will stop the conversion process for stipulated time period. And for restarting the process, click on the same button.

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