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How to Convert Videos to MP4 for Playback on DVD

DVD or the Digital Versatile Disk is becoming a household name in the contemporary times. People nowadays prefer to convert their multimedia files from MPEG or MP4 format into different other formats to be. This makes it easier for them to store the converted file in DVDs and play the same on various DVD players. MP4 converter from ArcSoft performs similar purpose. With a simple procedure, the application acts as a proficient medium to perform such a task with ease.

Brief Description about file formats

Before starting to learn the process to how to convert video to MP4 and vice versa, knowing about these formats could help us to identify with various files in a better way. You may often run the need to convert MP4 file to some other format, using the MediaConverter feature of the application from ArcSoft could be very helpful in this regard.

DVD: It is the disc that is used to store the audio and video, image and many other files representing varied formats that may include MP4, WMV, WMA, MPEG, MP3 ( Decoder by system codec ), JPEG and so on. As compares to other storage media as CDs and Pen Drives, DVD owns much higher space and can store files up to the size of 6-7 GBs.

MP4: Also known with the name of MPEG-4, MP4 file is the multimedia container that is capable of storing various audio and video files. It has been introduced in the market by Microsoft.

Steps to convert video to MP4

Like other conversion procedures, steps to convert any of the videos to MP4 by using ArcSoft MediaConverter, an efficient MP4 media converter, are also pretty simple. All you need is a little bit of understanding of operating the software.

Step 1Select input file

Download and install the application if you have not done it already. Once you do that, click the "Video" icon on the left side of the software to select the file of the intended format (say AVI) that you want to convert to MP4.

MP4 Converter

Step 2Choose the output format

To select the MP4 format as the output source, click the "Select Output" button and select MP4 from among different formats.

MP4 Converter

Step 3Start converting file format

After performing the above two steps, the last thing is to click "Start" and the process of video to MP4 conversion will reach its completion successfully.

MP4 Converter

Useful Tips:

It would be suggestive to keep in mind the below mentioned tips while you perform the convert MP4 operation with the help of the MP4 converter from ArcSoft:

If the process to choose the video file to convert to MP4 rightly, then the software will prompt the message of "Ready to convert" along with the file

If the file you are importing has been already selected for some earlier MP4 conversion operation, then you may get the message, "Cannot be imported. Duplicate file found".

Make sure to choose the output source in which you want to the converted file (here MP4). Else, the message "Conversion failed. The output format may be invalid" may be flashed.

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