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How to Convert Videos between MPG and Other Formats

Videos, for sure make up for the most of your leisure time and they sometimes act as proficient medium to impart knowledge about a particular entity. Though there are 'n' number of video file formats in which you can enjoy your favorite videos, but of all of them MPG is indubitably the most sought after due its compatibility with most of the media players. And at times, you may also want the need to convert MPG file into some other format so as to play it in your iPod, PSP or to download it on YouTube. To execute all such tasks with sheer excellence, you can always seek the assistance of ArcSoft MediaConverter, the ultimate MPG converter.

It is highly recommended to download MediaConverter from this ultimate software house if you really wish to enjoy your videos without any interruption. It holds a quintessential significance in converting the videos in your chosen format and strictly abides by the customizations you want. Moreover, it allows you to convert videos from any format to any other preferred format. Just to cite an example; you can use it for a video file to convert to MPG or to convert MPG video to some other format.

Step 1Choose the input file

Launch the software and navigate to its left. Select the video MPG Converter icon to choose the file that you want to convert to other format, say WMV.

MPG Converter

Step 2Customize the video as per your preference (optional)

To modify the video so that you may get the resultant video file in your desired form, you can click the MPG Converter icon that you can see on the right bottom of the selected video. Use the Mark In MPG Converter and Mark Out MPG Converter icons to select the time duration within which you want to the requisite modifications.

MPG Converter

Step 3Select the output format

Once you are done with the customization, you can move ahead to choose the format in which you want to convert your file, like WMV. For this, all you need is to click the /mpg-converter-select-output-icon.png button on the right side.

MPG Converter

Step 4Start converting file format

You are almost done. The last thing left is to simply click the "start" button. As a token acknowledgement, the process to convert MPG into other format is displayed in the form of progress bar just below the video in the centre panel. If you wish to see the outcome, click the video thumbnail, and you are on!

MPG Converter

Useful Tips:

  • You can use same procedure to convert a file from MPG to some other format by following the similar procedure.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions as specified else, you may get certain error messages.
  • You can use a preferred alarm mode to indicate the completion of conversion process by clicking the arrow adjacent to MPG Converter button.

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