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How and Why to Embed a Panorama Flash to Web Pages

High-quality panoramas have the ability to bring people who view it into the virtual world that seems like being in reality. If you happened to have such materials, or you have done a gorgeous work to create one, like with professional software Panorama Maker, it's a good idea to publish it on your personal website or something like Facebook.

Here comes a question then. How to embed panoramas to a webpage? Or how can I put panorama Flash to websites like social community on line?

Generally speaking, you need to save your panorama photos at first in Flash. ArcSoft Panorama Maker is such a program that enables you to export your panorama images in whatever formats you can think of. While Flash is the best carrier to transfer and present panoramas on the Internet because of its unique features. There's a special type named Flash panorama.

How to Embed Panorama Flash on Web Pages

Now assume that you have a Flash panorama at hand. There're three ways for you to embed the panorama on web page.

Embed Panorama

1.If you have a website or a webpage operated by yourself, just make use of some .html codes to embed the picture. No matter it is a 3D panorama or a 360 degree panorama, there is a way. Here is an example: , that means you're creating a Flash object on pages, under this code line you begin to add your panorama as a Flash. Remember not to insert a huge panorama, it takes a lot of time to load and people won't wait.

2.Upload your Flash to a website that supports Flash, such as YouTube. Others like Facebook allow you to edit a paragraph of codes.

3.Some programs have the features of publishing Flash panorama for you. However, they are quite costly.

Why to Embed Panorama Flash on Web Pages

Okay, some readers may ask, "why should I embed a panorama Flash on web pages, it's so troublesome."

Embed Panorama

Flash panorama is perfect to deliver 360 degree effects in order to build up a great virtual world. The more closed it is to the reality, the more power it gains on persuasion. If you are going to talk customers into buying your real estates, or your houseboat, your tourism and hotel services, use Flash panorama as the best ad on your websites. Also you can show what you want to share with others, for example, your amazing big house, wonderful garden, etc.

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