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Panorama Scenes

Those Sceneries That Can be Memorized into a Panorama

There're some places, which we fall in love with at the first eye, never forget till our life. To memorize them in our heart is not enough, because we like to share with others. To take a photo is not adequate, because they are too magnificent to be delivered in one simple image. If you really love the scenes in front of you, make them into a panorama then.

These subjects are wonderful panorama sceneries: grand natural landscapes, magic brilliant phenomenon, splendid human rchitecture, and ingenious-structured interior designs.

This copy offers you informative advice on picking up suitable landscapes to make a panorama, which really worth reading. After that, you can choose a good Panorama Maker yourself and begin to make panorama photos with your powerful creativity.

Natural Landscape Subjects for Panorama

World-renown places for their scenery and historic relics: Aegean Sea in Greece, Maldives in the Public of Maldives, Yosemite National Park, United States, the West Lake, China, etc.

Aegean Sea

Panorama Scenes

Tips: Hold you camera smoothly and steadily to move shooting angles around. A tripod is recommended and pay attention to your camera exposure and focus. Actually you need some skills on how to shoot photos for panoramas.

Brilliant Phenomenon for Panorama

The Grand Canyon of Colorado in United States, Victoria Waterfall in Africa, Mount Qomolangma (Everest) in China, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, United States, and Yellowstone Park which is also in the USA, are listed as the nature wonders of the world. Shoot them to prove that you have conquered the nature, and yourself.

The Everest

Panorama Scenes

Tips: The panoramas we show here are all belong to a category named tile panorama. It means the panorama is in a square with the same width and length in size. Panorama Maker produced by ArcSoft can stitch photos in a variety of ways including "tile panorama".

Architecture and Interior Design Sceneries

If you run into a beautiful building or you own a great garden yourself, take photos for it and make a panorama with them. Be careful to some fast-moving/changing objects like cars, planes, boats. You need to shoot the whole scene within several pictures in a short period and leave overlap between them.

Sydney Opera House

Panorama Scenes

Tips: ArcSoft Panorama Maker enables you to arrange photo materials easily according to shooting dates, subjects, and the rates you give to them. It also auto recognizes your photos with the same background and finds a right order for your materials.

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