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How to Panorama

Panorama Software and Panorama Camera, Which Do You Prefer

You're lucky to take a look down at vast gallery and great seascape from somewhere high above. And it's cool to take a photo for all these wonderful scenes and share to my friends. But wait, "How can I get the vista all into my camera view?" You need advice on the best way to panorama.

A panorama photo is a photo that is in accordance with normal people's effective view angle, even including peripheral vision. In professional panorama photography, based on users' different demands, or technical limitations, panorama pictures can be basically divided into 3 categories: wide-view panoramas, 360 panoramas, and vr panoramas.

An accomplished panorama photo stitch is impossible to be viewed directly, (because the resulted photo maybe distorted). ArcSoft Panorama Maker has abundant output formats, like Flash and QuickTime, to support direct viewing, just through the control of mouse.

A Tile Panorama

How to Panorama

How to choose a panorama solution?

How to panorama? Here come two solutions. Firstly, check your camera to see if it features in "panorama mode" or something like that. This function usually enables you to shoot a long shaped picture for a wide landscape, as long as you keep moving your camera with shutter down on a straight horizontal line. And the second one, which is much easier, use a panorama program like ArcSoft Panorama Maker to process general photos on computers.

1.Use a panorama camera

"Panorama camera" means cameras that have panorama modes. You hold on the camera with its shutter down and then move it to capture the whole scenery in your sight, like shooting a video. Basic panorama functions in digital cameras only support stitching on a horizontal line, let along 360 degree matters. Anyway, it's easy to capture horizontal panoramas and directly check them on cameras. You can freely zoom in/out your panoramas when you import them to computers.

2.Stitch photos to panorama

With the help of panorama programs like Panorama Maker, you needn't any extra functions in your camera or any professional skills in photography. Entry-level users feel good with Panorama Maker. All you need to do is to take photos as usual, while paying a little attention to leave overlapped parts between adjacent ones.

How to Panorama

Programs always deliver better results, compared with panoramas shot by cameras. Meanwhile, using a camera is much more convenient and asks for fewer skills.

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