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Create 3D Panorama

What Should I Do If I Want to Make 3D Panorama Photos

Some camera producers now have developed a new feature: 3D video shooting, may be called as "3D sweep panorama" on their products. It proves that you definitely need to own a 3D panorama and it is all the fashion right now. At the same time, those products are very expensive considering they have made no obvious progresses on other sides. How about to create 3D panoramas with computer programs? All you need is just a common camera and a great 3D panorama maker ArcSoft Panorama Maker.

How can Panorama Maker create 3D photos without a 3D camera? Actually the program makes 3D panoramas from 2D ones. Thanks to the advanced technology whose patent belongs to ArcSoft: the Sim3D, you can upgrade your 2D panorama photos into 3D panoramas with ease.

After you downloading and setting up Panorama Maker properly, you can stitch photos into panorama in several ways as you like. And then, it's time for 3D!

Step 1Stitch Your Photos into Panorama

Choose what you want to stitch and make them into an ordinary 2D panorama photo. Then you can preview it in 3D manner, with Panorama Maker's 3D previewer.

Create 3D Panorama

Step 2Check 3D Panorama Effects and Enhance It

Put on a pair of red-blue 3D glasses to watch this photo showed in previewing mode. It is presented in full screen. The practical effects are based on your computer graphics and the 3D glasses. There're four types of 3D format for you to choose.

Create 3D Panorama

Tips: In this part we choose "PageFlip" as our 3D image format to preview. It is a kind of red-blue 3D and users need a pair of red-blue 3D glasses to watch it. However, Panorama Maker also supports left-right 3D format which requires some other tools. You will find more knowledge in view photos in 3d with panorama maker.

Step 3Export the Panorama Picture to 3D Format

Panorama Maker helps you to output photos in .mpo format, which is a specialized 3D image format. By the way, you can set options about 3D on top toolbars.

It enables you to preview 3D panoramas in different ways and you can check your panorama photos 3D quality much more comprehensively.

Create 3D Panorama

Tips: ArcSoft Panorama Maker's new feature 3D panorama is only available in Windows Vista OS and above, there's also a version for Mac OS.

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