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Where to Print My Panorama Photos

You have finished all you can do to make a panorama: shoot, import, stitch, enhance. Now how to print them out? Ordinary-sized paper and printer cannot handle it. To print a panorama is much more meticulous than to print a common photo. You can hardly find a proper online/offline printer to print these long slim photos or huge square ones, let alone to get a good quality without any artifacts. Maybe to find a proper size's paper already gets you into stuck.

ArcSoft Panorama Maker is the key to all of these problems.

The program can recognize different kinds of formats and find which group a photo belongs to among piles of pictures. And it stitches well, the most important thing is, it enables you to customize your panorama photos for printing and offer professional good-quality online printing service. If you are still hesitating where to print panoramas, come to Panorama Maker 6.

Before printing panorama photos with Panorama Maker, you can choose to enhance your panorama photos at first. To print panorama is an easy three steps flow.

Step 1Stitch Photos to Panorama

It's easy and convenient. Just choose photos you need and what manner you want to use; wait for the software making a panorama for you.

Print Panorama

Step 2Add a Frame and Go to Print

At the bottom of interface you'll find a button named "Frame". The tool lets you to add some personal information in texts around the panorama, such as the title and your copyright. Then hit the icon "Print" on the top. Then we can print it as a professional work.

Print Panorama

Tips: You'd better get prepared of your printing devices in advance to save your producing time. Don't forget to save the panorama with frames and texts on your local machine if you are not going to print it currently.

Step 3Choose Your Paper Size/Layout

In this step Panorama Maker offers you flexible choices to set up printers, select a paper size and the way you would like to arrange your panorama photos on paper. In the middle there's a setting for you to order panorama. You can add some special effects to panorama pictures and connect to an up-level online panorama print service.

Print Panorama

Tips: To print a panorama with special effects, you can also choose the online service provided by ArcSoft. Simply add the panorama you adjusted into shopping cart.

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