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What is VR Panorama and How to Create One on Mac/Windows

What are QTVR and VR Panorama

QTVR is the abbreviation of QuickTime Virtual Reality, an image format developed by Apple Inc. and it's the extension of QuickTime technology. As a primary virtual reality technology based on static image processing, VR Panorama and objects are two core concepts in VR movies.

Objects are captured from many viewpoints in toward the same central viewpoint, thereby generating a full range of image information of an object. In contrast to objects, VR Panorama is a point of view of space in 360-degree view of the surrounding environment, and to obtain the distance of visual effects, users can switch lines of sight freely in the range of 360 degrees of panoramic image, and they also can change the angle in a line of sight.

The process of much QTVR Panorama software is time-consuming and imperfect, instead Panorama Maker was both easy to use and free to download, and Panorama Maker for Mac is also available. Before moving ahead, install the program:

Step 1 Select your images and drag the files into the program

Import a group of photos with the same pixel to be stitched. It can automatically distinguish images in"Folders", or you can directly drag them into the program.

create VR Panorama

Step 2 Choose the stitch mode and start stitching process

Then, choose any one mode to stitch photos by clicking the Make QTVR Panorama icon. There are five stitch modes: Auto, Horizontal, 360°, Tile, Vertical, and here we choose "Horizontal" as an example. After the smoothest stitching flow, you're done! Next you can enhance your VR Panorama creation through a set of editing functions like cropping, adding frame.

Make QTVR Panorama

Step 3 Choose the output format

Simply choose the output format as "Quick Time (.mov)". Only when the PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio) is greater than or equal to 1 you can save it as MOV, so remember to use the cursor to control PAR before that.

Make QTVR Panorama

Here we provide you with steps on how to create VR Panorama on Windows. Follow the same directions if you are Mac users.

Note: QTVR output is not supported on OS 10.7.

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