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Shoot Panorama Photo

Useful Advice on How to Shoot Photo for Panoramas

You have picked up several photos taken on one spot for a single subject, and you are excited to stitch them into one great panorama. But when you check the result, it's unlike what you are hoping for. They don't seem like being in the same group, and the panorama is more like a picture pieced together by irrespective images.

Don't blame to your panorama software, you should make sure that you shoot photo for panorama in a right way at first. Even you are utilizing a professional Panorama Maker, it can only stitch photos and make them as seamless as they can, on the basis of your shooting skills.

Now let's have a look at how to take photos for panorama in order to get optimum result.

Those Gears to Shoot Panoramic Photos

Basic digital cameras and DSLR can both cover this task. Apparently DSLR will deliver better photo results that will greatly influence your panoramas, considering DSLR's powerful manual shooting features. Besides, you need to look out the length of the focus: the longer, the better. In general, a 50 mm focus is at least.

Next is the tripod. If you are equipped with it, your photos are more likely to be arranged on a flat straight horizontal line. Anyway, you can hold camera on your hands and stay motionless on the spot, and only to move camera in a stable way. So it's an optional gear.

Shoot Panorama Photo

Shoot Panorama Photo

When You Capture Photos for a Panorama

Manual shoot mode is highly recommended. That is why we prefer Digital Single Lens Reflex. In normal times, we use auto modes and let the machine choose white balance, light, focus, etc. for us. However, for panoramic photos we should pay more attention and shut down auto settings. Otherwise we will get a set of photos shooting for one subject with dissimilar color, light, depth. They won't be recognized by panorama programs at all and cannot be stitched together anyway.

Shoot Panorama Photo

For the sake of next panorama stitch, we also need to leave an overlap between two adjacent photos. The same principle with that is in some handwork.

What You Should Pay Special Attention to Panoramic Photos

1. As we mentioned above, try the best to keep all of your photos captured on a horizontal line. This does great benefits to get straight neat edges for your panorama.

2. If you are not sure about some photos you have shot, just take another one, or try more times, in order to get the best effects for part of a panorama.

3. When you shoot, finish the whole process in the shortest time, to avoid some unexpected changes to come into the scenes. During this, keep stable, keep cool.

Shoot Panorama Photo

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