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Wide Angle Lens

How Can I Use My Wide-Angle Lens to Make It Panorama

Comparing with general cameras, wide angle lens can better describe a great scene especially when the close shot is very important to the photographer. So when it comes to capture images for splendid landscapes like huge buildings and vast grassland, it's wide-angle lens' turn.

What is a wide-angle lens? In a word, it is a specially-designed camera lens that has a shorter focus and a wider view-angle than others, which is exactly revealed by its name "wide angle". The most remarkable feature of these lenses is: they can preserve much wider scenes and emphasize the distance between far and near.

This article will offer you some tips about how to panorama with wide angle lens. And also guides for those who do not have a wide-angle at hand with easy-to-use ArcSoft Panorama Maker.

Part 1Use Wide Angles to Shoot a Panorama

Before you use wide-angle lens to equip your cameras, be careful to this: wide angles sometimes distort your real subjects and make your panorama works to be fake. All of these result from our visual sense of perspective.

Wide Angle Lens

For example, you're creating a panorama for a group of friends who are sitting at the end of a table. Your wide angles do not capture photos as you hope, you find the table is too much attractive even though you've try your best to emphasize figures.

To avoid distortion we mentioned above, an easier solution is to get the help with other objects. In this case, you'd better make use of two long metal bars and put them in front of your camera, in a symmetrical slanting way. Thus when the wide lens capture your subjects, the fan-shaped table cut by metal bars appears in rectangle; and your panorama now is totally emphasized for your friends.

Part 2If You Don't Want to Use a Wide Angle

There're always some reasons that make us don't use wide-angle lens. Perhaps you think the whole equipment is not economic, or you don't like the distortion it may bring at all. So you can download ArcSoft Panorama Maker to have a try. You can easily stitch photos from basic camera lenses with this program and get a panorama result only better than wide-angle lenses.

Wide Angle Lens

Anyway, there're 30 days for you to consider whether to buy it or not after you download.

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