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Best Photo Editing Software for Windows/Mac

What is the Best Photo Editor for Windows/Mac for Beginners?

From time to time you may feel puzzled about your photo editor: Why it is so complicated to be used? Why I cannot find the feature I want in those programs? And how can I process my photos with no hassle so that I can get the best effects?

You need the best photo editing software, either for Windows or for Mac, which wins in its ease of use, powerful editing capabilities, abundant image effects/patterns, and amazing photo output quality. Sometimes you get photos with several mistakes, like red eye, image noises, etc.

More and more people choose to process their photos after shooting, to add polish and remove flaws. So that they can upload photos to websites or send to share with friends. Now with ArcSoft PhotoStudio, or ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac, you can also produce those professional-looking photos by yourself. The version of PhotoStudio 6 is highly-regarded photo editor, which is a good option for pros and casual users alike.

Some Mac users may be wondering what the best photo editor for Mac is. Just have a try of ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac, which almost can do all that the Windows version can do. The following will take the Windows version as an example.

Part 1How to use the editor? Who knows?

There are so many programs claim that they feature in the strong functions, like color enhance, de-noise, edge improve, and free create. But when you download the application and run it, you can hardly find where those tools are. You open a file, and view it in the window, only to cut, copy, or choose some part of it. Other strong tools are hidden in the complicated interface.

Face Beauty

It will never happen in PhotoStudio. All of the powerful editing tools are carefully categorized on top bars and left panel, in the most intuitive way. What's more, you can switch the left panel, which integrates the most frequently used tools (pen, brush, clone, gradient fill etc), between showing them in one line or two as you like. Below top tool bars, each editing panel and unit is float to move anywhere.

Part 2I just want to enhance photos quickly

"I don't understand those professional words in photography; I just want to make my photos better." And you also want to save time in setting those parameters. In ArcSoft PhotoStudio all you want: brightness& contrast, hue& saturation, de-noise, auto-exposure, special film and filter effects, are clearly placed on panels in category. Besides, all the settings are foolproof kinds. You drag the slider, you preview the result, and then you press "OK".

Face Beauty

Today the sleek new PhotoStudio6 can be even more creativity. You can use "Magic Cut" on one click to choose and cut an irregular shape on photos and "Face Beauty" aims at making figure's faces to be more attractive, all just in a snap!

Part 3 Something to bring out my creativity

Yes, I want to simplify the editing process. But it doesn't mean my photos should be mediocre. I just hate the photo editors produce works appear similar in batch. Then let ArcSoft PhotoStudio helps you to break the monotony. Its glorious pattern, templates, and creative editing solutions, like LOMO effects, Magic-Film, Distort, Texture, will make your pictures remarkable from others'.

Face Beauty

Face Beauty

Apart from all of above, you can save or print photos with ICC color profile, which will correct and adjust your photo color to be more vivid and brilliant.

Last but not the least, all the fantastic functions you can find in the best photo editor for Mac.

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