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HDR Photo

Create Natural Photos with Easy HDR Photo Software

What is an HDR photo? HDR photos are also called as High-Dynamic-Range photos, they are basically produced by shooting a set of standard pictures with the help of exposure bracketing, and then you can merge them into an HDR image. The HDR photography is widely applied in photos captured somewhere the light is not balanced enough. For example, on the seaside when it is dusk, the sunset will lead unwanted reflection that makes your photo to be unnatural: some parts are too bright while others are too dark. People can improve the unbalance with HDR camera feature or HDR photo software, among all the photo editing programs, ArcSoft PhotoStudio is an outstanding one.

How does HDR photo software process these unnatural pictures? The smart sensor in the program will find the parts in which there are the most gradations and add polish to its less natural parts, always get help from other photos. So we need at least three photos to enhance one. In this way, we can get photos with abundant gradation levels even in strong light contrast surroundings. Now follow us to make remarkable HDR photos with PhotoStudio editor.

Step 1Prepare three photos for HDR creation

What we need are three photos with the same length and width. You can resize photos in advance to make sure they are equally in size. For your convenience you can put them in one file folder.

Step 2 Move to HDR editing window

After the three photos are ready, press the "HDR" icon on top bar, right below the menu bar. Then it will generate a window for you to do HDR photo editing.

hdr photography software

Step 3 Add the three photos to make one HDR photo

In the window you can add the photos that have been ready or remove; the real size of each picture is listed so that you can check it. Then you hit "OK" to make a HDR photo.

hdr photography software

Step 4 Enhance HDR photo

You can adjust the settings include: brightness, contrast, saturation, detail, and smoothness for better HDR result. There are more useful weapons in the main interface to do final touch. Don't forget to press "Done" before going back.

hdr photography software

Tips: Hi-def photos will present noisy points to some degree after HDR process, especially when you zoom in the pictures. You can make use of de-noise editing kits in PhotoStudio to improve photos if you care. And it's an unavoidable problem during HDR enhancement.

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