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Remove Red Eye

How to Remove Red Eyes in Photo on Window/Mac

WSometimes when capturing a photo we will use a flashlight, when the surrounding light is too dim or not strong enough to give prominence to the main subjects. In this case red eyes appear. It isn't due to the camera itself or photography technology; it results from human eye's physiological structures. You can remove red eye with ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 (Windows Version) or ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 for Mac (Mac Version).

Our eyeballs are full of tiny blood vessels, as we all know. When the pupils are accustomed to dark environment, the flashlight comes too soon for them to shrink quickly enough. If the light happens to shine from a special angle, your photos will become horrible, with obvious red effects on pupil and no eye shine on it.

Then how can we remove red eye on Window or Mac in order to deliver a high-quality photo? There are some cameras can prevent red eye effects. If your camera cannot, or you forget to open the feature before shooting, you can use ArcSoft PhotoStudio to do red eye removal.

Step 1Choose picture to remove red eye

Open your photos with red eye in it in ArcSoft PhotoStudio. If you want to save the original photo, don't forget to copy for back-up before importing.

Remove Red Eye

Step 2Zoom in the picture and focus on the eyes

TYou can zoom in the picture and focus on the eyes' part to remove red eye. There are three ways to zoom in and zoom out. The short cut is to press "Control" and "+". It is also available in top bar and right-click menu.

Remove Red Eye

Step 3Remove red eye with Red-eye Removal tool

Choose "Red-eye removal" icon on left tool panel and press "Red-eye Removal" down. Move curse on the eye and click. ArcSoft PhotoStudio will add natural color to pupils with wonderful eye shines.

Remove Red Eye

Aha, the little baby's innocent eyes become vivid.

Remove Red Eye

In "Face Beautify" effect you can also remove red eye, and improve face features magically.

Tips: If all you want to do is just to remove red eyes, you can skip step2 because of ArcSoft PhotoStudio's incredible red-eye detecting technology will find eyes' location amazingly. In some cases people are trying to apply red-eye effects to reach their personal photography demands, commonly in shooting animals.

If you are intending to remove red eyes on Mac, Find the "Red-Eye Removal" tool from the toolbox and apply the same steps above after installing Mac version.

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