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How to edit photos with photo editing software for Mac

As we all know, there are differences between Mac OSX and Windows in the design of the operating system, the user interface and more, which directly leads to the different user habits. Some photo editing software ignores those differences by directly "porting" their Windows application to Mac to save costs and, in turn, creating various inconveniences for Mac users. However, ArcSoft have been always sensitive to Mac customer expectations. The Mac version of PhotoStudio 6 from ArcSoft is a photo editor tailored for Mac users.

ArcSoft PhotoStudio6 for Mac is feature-rich photo editing application, aimed at both amateurs using a simple work-flow and professionals who need to handle acomplex task. Awesome photo effects, including darkroom film process, LOMO camera effects, and plentiful photo enhancement tools will totally cover all the flaws and develop amazing photos with minimal effort. You can easily create textures, add stamps, stitch images and more with outstanding results.

Follow the tutorial below to get familiar with ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 for Mac

Elegantly styled interface

ArcSoft PhotoStudio6 for Mac makes image editing fun and easy. You can quickly find the precise editing tool you need from the various toolbars and floating panes. Even rearrange them to your desired layout, or hide tools you rarely use.

Powerful color bit-depth and RAW support

PhotoStudio supports all the popular RAW formats and is available to convert your photos among multiple bit-depths from 8 to 48. The software provides quick access for viewing and converting RAW pictures into easily sharable formats like JPG.

Full of creative designs

There are numerous editing enhancements at your disposal. Just try them and they will get your imagination started. For instance, "Stitch"allows easily combining two images. After importing two images, PhotoStudio smartly recognizes stitching points. You can realign the points or click the "OK" button to stitch the two images together in seconds.

PhotoStudio for Mac provides various stamps for you to decorate your photos with fun elements. It provides a variety of styles, colors and opacity levels for you to choose from.

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