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Make a Brochure

How to Make an Effective Brochure on Windows and Mac

Brochures can be a company's tactical tool that can be used for promotion material to help advertise your products at tradeshows, or to attract potential buyers that might want to buy your invention. That's one of the reasons why, in order to succeed, every company must make brochures to hand out to their customers. But how to create a powerful brochure to inform, educate, or persuade the readers?

ArcSoft Print Creations is the useful brochure software to help you create professional-quality brochures quickly and inexpensively. This program offers hundreds of templates and photo & text editing capability, to maximum extent, to boost your company's sales. For Mac users, ArcSoft specifically design Brochure Software for Mac to help them make eye-attracting brochures.

Step 1Start a new brochure project

Run Print Creations, click on "Create New Project" and choose "Brochures & Flyers".

Step 2Select the Template

This brochure software provides countless templates for different products, such as Yoga Studio, Wealth Management, and etc. You can zoom in them to view the details and choose one which suits your product's style.

Make a Brochure

Step 3Photo and Text Composition

Click "Get Pictures" to import your photos that can give your prospects expression of what the product or service is. Drag them to the brochure workspace.

Make a Brochure

And edit them by rotating, flipping, adjusting image brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness, and adding color effect. It also empowers you to remove red eyes, wrinkles, redness and large pores in the faces of the photo's subjects.

Make a Brochure

A call-to-action slogan and informative description are the most important items in a brochure. Text editing tools offered in this utility enable you to modify, rotate, and adjust font, size, and color.

Make a Brochure

Step 4Share or Print your Brochure

After preview, click on "Share" button. You have two options: Email the brochures to your business customers directly, or save them as image files for further use.

Or adjust your print settings and print it.

Make a Brochure

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