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How to Make an Attention-grabbing Poster

Poster, a placard incorporating photographs and illustrations, is posted up for advertising functions including communication, selling and persuading. Posters are pasted next to each other in every corner of the city. Through such widespread and continuous exposure, posters become an effective and inexpensive means of reaching the widest audience on behalf of commerce or other areas. But how can you make a succinct, convincing and memorable poster?

ArcSoft Print Creations is easy-to-use yet powerful poster software to help you make a poster which is enough to attract the attention of the passerby. Correspondently, you can use Poster Software Mac when you are using Mac.

Step 1Start

Click "Start"->"All Programs"->"Acrsoft Print Creations" to run this program. Choose "Create New Project"->"Signs & Posters".

Step 2Choose the template

From dozens of ready-made templates, choose one which fits your poster style: beauty salon, child care, pet service or others.

Poster Maker

Step 3Fill each section

Photo: Load your own photos from your PC by clicking "Get Pictures". If you want make your photos visually appealing, go to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness. For the faces of images' subjects, red eyes removal, wrinkle removal, pores removal are available.

Poster Maker

Text: You need to add the title, introduction, purpose, procedure, data and other text materials. To customize them, you can choose one and edit it by rotating, adjusting color, size, font and etc.

Poster Maker

Step 4Output

If you don't have printer at hand, go "Share" button to output it as image file or send Email with this poster attached to others.

Or you can directly click "Print" to print it after you fix the print settings.

Poster Maker

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