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Color correction with ShowBiz

Best Way to Make Videos Color look like Hollywood Manufacturing

Hollywood movies never fail in drawing people's eye; their brilliant color style contributes a lot. You've shot some home videos and are trying to make your videos different from others' ? A video editing program with strong color fixing functions is what you need. How to make videos color look like Hollywood Manufacturing? Download ShowBIZ and follow the tutorials to liven up your movies in an easier and enjoyable way.

The easy-to-use video editor ShowBiz helps you to break the monotony even if you have little color correction experience for videos. What you should do is just download the software and follow the tutorials to liven up your movies.

Brief Steps for Video Color Fixing

Step 1Load Your Movies to the Editor

Use importing panel to easily find your videos in local folders, or portable media devices. Then add them to storyboard. ShowBiz allows users to add files with drag-and-drop.

Step 2Fix Color with Your Preference

Your video is showed in a track on storyboard. Double-click on it to move to "Advanced Editing". Make use of color correction tools on right panel. You can adjust video images with settings: hue, saturation, brightness, contrast.

Color correction with ShowBiz

Step 3Look over Your Video

Now you've finished fixing video color? You can check color correction effects through the previewing window. Press "play" and go over the whole video. It appears much more attractive than before, right?


Color correction with ShowBiz


Color correction with ShowBiz

Tips for Hollywood Movie Color Features:

Editors often use a symbolic color tune to indicate the scene, the story background, as well as the inner activity of characters. They add a little yellow to show the barren desert, gray and wash out for the war, bright colorful tones for fairytales, etc. Although sometimes we feel that their movies are stereotypes, we can't help paying for a new Hollywood movie.

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