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Edit audio in ShowBiz

How to Mix/Fade/Trim Audios Using Editor on Windows

When you're making a gorgeous photo slideshow, processing a home movie with video editing software, you must be desired to decorate your masterpiece with wonderful audio effects. Unluckily, Windows (Live) Movie Maker seems a little bit poor in audio editing solutions. You cannot trim, mix, fade in and out the audios with the program.

To meet your urgent demands, ArcSoft ShowBiz totally supports audio mixing, fading and trimming. You can even record your own voice and add the voice to original audio/video file, there comes out a brand new file. Follow me to know more.

Mix/Fade/Trim Audios with ShowBiz

Step 1Import videos

Launch ArcSoft Showbiz and then import audios. Use left panel on interface according to your needs. Hit "Import" to open up portable media devices; choose "computer" to find a local file through folder tree.

Step 2Drag and drop audios, videos or pictures on Timeline editing area

1. Mix Audio

Assume that you're going to add audio to video clips that have sound effects; you need to mix the two audio tracks after adding audio files. Right-click on audio clips and you can choose "Audio Mix".

Edit audio in ShowBiz

2. Trim Audio

Move curse to the audio end to show a double-arrow at the end side. Click of the arrow and drag it, the program will remind you not to drag audio over video or slideshow.

Edit audio in ShowBiz

3. Fade Audio

Go to "Advanced Editing" with pop-up menu on right-click of audios. Adjust the settings "fade in" and "fade out" as you need; in "fade out" check box, you can use "Speed multiplier" to reset playback speed freely.

Edit audio in ShowBiz


In the mode showed in picture above, it's convenient to set changeable volume for each part of audio by dragging the yellow curve. And the bold blue sliders are used to trim audio clips.

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