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How to Use ArcSoft ShowBiz to Edit AVCHD Videos

AVCHD means "Advanced Video Codec High Definition". It features in high-quality image and highly-compressed disc making. AVCHD videos only support home-making movies, so there will be no commercial copyright problems with movies in AVCHD format. It is a wise choice to edit your AVCHD home videos with AVCHD movie editor.

With the help of professional AVCHD editor ArcSoft ShowBiz, your avchd editing dream becomes reality. Follow our guides to learn how to create great AVCHD videos.

Use ShowBiz to Edit AVCHD Videos

Step 1Find AVCHD movies

Import AVCHD videos from camcorders.Make sure that your camcorder is correctly connected with your PC. Add AVCHD files to editing area on video track.

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Step 2AVCHD videos edit

ShowBiz offers two edit modes in convenience of your varied needs. You can enhance AVCHD video effects with Storyboard and add multiple tracks on Timeline. Of course you're able to cut, copy, split, and combine video clips with ease.

MPEG Editor

Step 3Export videos

For exporting, Facebook and YouTube are available, as well as plenty of media devices' outputs. Surprisingly, you can even choose "Create Disc" to burn AVCHD disc by yourself.

MPEG Editor


1:You need to choose a mighty program; it recognizes AVCHD files quickly and smoothly. It's upset to see your home video continuing loading or to lose some parts.

2:AVCHDs feature in high-definition image, so you're wise if you improve video image with flexible editing tools.

3:Home-made videos are suitable to burn on discs, especially for AVCHD files. To simplify the process, choose software supports disc making, like ShowBiz.

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