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Edit AVI Movies with Fully-Featured AVI Editor

AVI files combine audios and videos together and make them to be synchronous. Although movies made in AVI lose their qualities in image and sound performance, they take less storing space and are convenient to transmit on line. You can fix them by AVI editor. In a word, the format is broadly applied everywhere, especially in media discs.

AVI movie editorArcSoft ShowBiz offers totally perfect solutions to edit AVI files for you. With the help of this program, you can do everything you can think of to your AVI home videos, like fix, trim, create, and add polish, etc. Stronger than Windows Movie Maker, ShowBiz have more easy and plentiful tools and functions. If you haven't known how to edit AVI movies before, be together with us to learn the steps.

How to Edit AVI Files with Windows AVI Editor

Step 1Import AVI files to ArcSoft ShowBiz

ShowBiz will find portable devices that correctly connected to computers. You can search for AVI files in local folders and media devices through its built-in window. Add selected files by drag-and-drop to editing area below.

AVI Editor

Step 2Edit AVI files with supplied editing tools

You can create, combine, split, and fix image effects to those AVI files and clips as you like. The advanced Windows AVI editor ShowBiz is equipped with popular and professional-level tool sets which are very easy to use.

AVI Editor

Furthermore, handy and considerable anti-shake, de-noise, reverse, transitions, titles, over-voice and the like totally meet all your demands. Just use tool bar above editing window or right-click to open up a menu to realize editing.

Step 3Export AVI files to devices or websites

According to your needs, it's OK to save your movies in AVI formats, or export them to hot media storages, players in formats they support. ShowBiz has players, PSP, smart phones, and other common machines covered. Moreover, you can upload AVI movies to YouTube and Facebook directly with entering your account information.

AVI Editor


In the mode showed in picture above, it's convenient to set changeable volume for each part of audio by dragging the yellow curve. And the bold blue sliders are used to trim audio clips.

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