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How to Use FLV Editor to Make FLV Movies in Windows

FLV is the abbreviated form of Flash Video, which is a popular streaming media format. People can edit FLV videos with FLV editor ShowBiz. When FLV movies are embedded in web pages, people can watch FLV as soon as they open the pages. As a result, hot video websites and social interacting platforms widely apply FLV as their online video format.

So FLV videos editor becomes very important nowadays. You must have an urgent need for Flash videos editing program, which is better to be strong-powered and fully-functioned. ArcSoft ShowBiz is just the one. Now we will lead you to learn how to use the software to edit Flash Videos at will.

Make FLV Movies with FLV Editor- ArcSoft ShowBiz

Step 1Input FLV movies

Launch ArcSoft ShowBiz media editor from shortcut icon on desktop, or click "Start" menu to open the software. Use left panel to find ELV files you want to edit. "Computer" means you can search for a file in local folders, and "Import" means your desired files can be found in plug-in media devices.

FLV Editor

Step 2Edit FLV videos

ArcSoft ShowBiz offers you two editing modes that are suitable for different editing needs. In a word, "Storyboard" is convenient for effects adding while "Timeline" is better used to add different tracks. According to your demands you can choose one mode and change to the other whenever you like.

FLV Editor

Note: To show your wonderful life on line, ShowBiz has a set of good tools to add brilliant elements to your flash videos. The slider on top of editing area is integrated with texts, effects, transitions and audio record functions.

Step 3Export FLV movies as you like

If you are eager to exchange your DIY flash movies with your friends online, press "Finish" and choose "Share Online" output option. You can upload videos directly to YouTube and Facebook. Also you can save them to media devices and local machine with abundant available format supports.

FLV Editor

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