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Make a YouTube video

How do I make a YouTube video?

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing websites in the world, but have you ever made and uploaded a YouTube video? This can be an exciting experience for all ages. If you have ever made one, was your video special? And did it attract a lot of views? Most YouTubers have seen videos of every possible quality from direct rips from a low-resolution phone camera to studio productions.One of the keys to making your video stand out from the rest is nice editing. Best of all, the process of creating an edited video for YouTube is really easy. Would you like to make your YouTube videos stand out? Here are several tips for you…


· Make sure the content of your video is appropriate. Avoid anything that would be considered offensive such as sexually explicit content, graphic violence, copyrighted material, and so on.

· If your video is public, try to make sure your video is interesting. Or it will most likely get bad ratings and comments.

· Include appropriate tags to help people find your video.

· Do not make your video too long. Most people will be bored with really long videos.

· Make sure you choose a compatible video format.

Easy Steps:

· Get Footage for Your YouTube Video.

This can be something original that you have taken with your camera or web cam, an old home movie, or valuable photos or an audio track. (Make sure that it belongs to you, not someone else's copyrighted material.)

· Edit Your YouTube Video

If you would like to make your video more compelling, a YouTube video editor like ArcSoft ShowBiz is a good option. Step-by-step guide on how to create and play a video with ArcSoft ShowBiz.

· Export Your Video to YouTube

You do not need to worry about how to export your video, because YouTube accepts a wide variety of video formats and sizes. A larger and higher quality video will look better on YouTube, but a smaller one will upload more quickly. Video editing software can often help you share your video on YouTube directly after editing.

How do I make a YouTube video

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