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iMovie for windows

Use iMovie for Windows to Create Brilliant Home Movie

Mac users must be familiar with iMovie. As a strong home movie maker, iMovie tries its best to satisfy users' personalized demands. Windows users can use a similar program: ArcSoft ShowBiz, which will never lose images or sounds or even break down like some movie makers.

The iMovie for Windows system ShowBiz not only works like the way iMovie does in Mac, but also improves home movie qualities greatly. It enables you to enhance home movies, and adding special video and audio effects, or create your own video on Windows.

Step 1ArcSoft ShowBiz Rich Movie Effects

Imovie for windows

Magic movie effects always draw people's eyes. Now you can fix your home videos with offered special styles, including titles& credits, clip effects& transitions, audio/music editing, and even audio record with iMovie for Windows ArcSoft ShowBiz. With ease you can make your movies much more brilliant and outstanding than other home-making ones. If you want more settings, enter "Advanced Editing" options. In this mode you are free to rotate, reverse, crop clips, and adjust color settings as well as doing anti-shake and de-noise for videos/pictures.

Step 2ArcSoft ShowBiz Flexible Editing Modes

Imovie for windows

Below previewing window, a slider is used to change two editing modes between. In "Storyboard" mode, it's easy to move the slider to overlap or spread out video clips in editing area. Furthermore, drop transitions and effects between and on clips to add polish. And adding some audio effects and voice-over will be fun. The iMovie for PC ArcSoft ShowBiz allows you to import subtitles and decorate movies as you like. Switch to "Timeline" mode for convenience of creating marks and chapter indicators.

Step 3ArcSoft ShowBiz Powerful Export and Share

Imovie for windows

With increasing needs of social interaction on line, you must be eager to make some movies and share with friends on YouTube, Facebook. ShowBiz, iMovie alternative for Windows, is connected with the two hot websites. After creating your movies, choose "Share Online" and videos will be automatically uploaded to websites, as long as you've saved your account. Besides, ArcSoft ShowBiz supports exporting formats: AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV; and media devices including iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP, etc. You can also burn discs to store the movie permanently.

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