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Convert WMV to 3GP

How to Convert WMV Video to 3GP Format with Ease

Video files are of great interest for all and sundry and you would definitely want them in the apt format so that you may be able to play them on your device, be it the media player on your computer, laptop, in your iPod or even in your mobile phone. Taking a leaf out of it, the WMV to 3GP converter from ArcSoft plays a quintessential role in such a case and helps you to convert WMV files to 3GP and vice versa.

The software eases out your headache of converting the WMV file into 3GP format and enables you to be entertained uninterruptedly. It is for this reason that it is much in demand among the tech savvy people and the fact that you can buy it at affordable cost further accentuates its demand in the market.

Steps to convert WMV to 3GP in few seconds

The steps to convert files using the ArcSoft MediaConverter are simple and allow you to perform the conversion process at rapid pace, much faster than the contemporary software in the market. Before moving ahead, free download the program and install it on your computer.

Step 1Import WMV file

After launching the software, you need to import the WMV file as input source. For this, you can either drag-and-drop the desired file to the workspace or alternatively, you can click "Video" button on the left panel.

Convert WMV to 3GP

Step 2Make necessary changes in video settings (optional)

If you want to make some modifications in the imported WMV video before converting it to 3GP, you can do so by clicking the /convert-wmv-to-3gp-edit-icon.jpg icon. The software offers a plenty of options to customize the video, you can make appropriate changes in its dynamic lighting, denoise, color adjustment and speed. Again, it depends on your requirements whether you want to apply these changes to the entire video or a part of it. In either case, you can use the Mark In /convert-wmv-to-3gp-mark-in-icon.jpg and Mark Out /convert-wmv-to-3gp-mark-out-icon.jpg options to cite the start and end of the time between which you want to see the changes.

Convert WMV to 3GP

Step 3Select 3GP as the output format

Moving ahead, to choose 3GP as the output format, click the /convert-wmv-to-3gp-select-output-icon.jpg button and select the 3GP format. You can also search for 3GP through the search bar provided.

Convert WMV to 3GP

Step 4Start converting file format

Finally, start the process to convert WMV to 3GP by clicking the /convert-wmv-to-3gp-start-icon.jpg button. The conversion progress would be displayed in the status bar just below the video title. To look out for the file in its changed format, you can click the video thumbnail.

Convert WMV to 3GP

Useful tips

  • Throughout the process if you feel some problem in operation, then you can seek the assistance of FAQ and "How to tips", whose link is provided at the bottom of the software.
  • Make sure to choose the right output format while performing the conversion, otherwise you may not get the file in you preferred format. If there exist flaws during conversion from WMV to 3GP, then you may be alerted with the message, "Conversion Failed. The output format may be invalid".

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