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Convert WMV to MPEG

How to convert WMV to MPEG with Ease

With the help of MediaConverter from ArcSoft, it is now more easier then said to convert file formats from WMV to MPEG or alternatively, from MPEG to WMV. The smart software takes merely few seconds to perform such a task and enables you to enjoy your favorite video files in your preferred format.

Brief description about file formats

As we move ahead to know the procedure of how to convert WMV to MPEG, it would be beneficial to know a little bit about these formats.

WMV: An abbreviation for Windows Media Video, these file formats are available with the extension of (.wmv). It was introduced by Microsoft and is used to compress the videos to accommodate lesser space in the storage mediums. It was originally used for internet streaming applications.

MPEG: An abbreviation for Moving Picture Experts Group, MPEG was introduced to contain audio and video data. The group was formed by the efforts of IEC and ISO with the intention to set specific standards for video and audio compression.

Procedure to convert WMV to MPEG

You need to execute the below mentioned simple steps in order to convert WMV to MPEG using ArcSoft MediaConverter.

Step 1Select input file

On the left panel of the software, click the "Video" icon to choose the file you want to convert to another format (.wmv in this case).

Convert WMV to MPEG

Step 2Choose the output format

Similarly, click the "Select Output" button from the right panel to select the format in which you want the file to be converted into your desired format (.mpeg in this case). Then click the Convert WMV to MPEG icon.

Convert WMV to MPEG

Step 3Start converting file format

Finally, the last step to convert WMV to MPEG is to click the "Start" button that would initiate the conversion procedure if each of the below steps has been performed as intended.

Convert WMV to MPEG

Useful Tips:

  • Look out for the "Ready to Convert" message that indicates the completion of the first two steps successfully.
  • Choose the appropriate file format in which you want to convert your WMV file, i.e. MP4, otherwise the message citing "Conversion Failed", will be prompted.
  • You can also adjust the resolution of your desired video format by clicking the settings button at the right bottom. In the dropdown with the "Video Output Format", you can choose from among smart fit and certain other resolutions such as 640x480-2Mbps, 1280x720-5Mbps and so on.

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