TotalMedia Theatre

The All-in-one Blu-ray Player For A Superior Visual Experience
  • Professional player for Blu-ray, 3D, HD, DVD, and standard videos
  • Fully supports 4K video playback
  • Seamless integration with Windows Media Center
  • Turn SD videos into HD and 2D videos into 3D
  • Wirelessly play HD and Blu-ray videos on your PC to TV, projector and other certified devices over Miracast
  • Windows 8 modern UI, standard desktop UI and Media Center UI allow usage in your preferred environment
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Windows 8 (32/64bit, including Windows 8.1), Windows 7 (32/64bit), Vista (32/64bit), Windows XP (32-bit)

File Formats Supported (SimHD and Sim3D Playback)



.M2T .TOD .MTS .TS .TP .TRP .M2V .264 .H264 .26L .DIVX .VC1 .DAT


(image: .jpg .bmp .png .gif .psd .tif)



.AVI .MTS .TS .TP .TRP .M2V .264 .H264 .26L .DIVX .VC1 .DAT




.AVI .MTS .TS .TP .TRP .M2V .264 .H264 .26L .DIVX .VC1 .DAT


(image: .jpg .bmp .png .gif .psd .tif)

Minimum System Requirements

BD Playback

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 2.4GHz

RAM: XP/Vista/Win7/Win8(1G)

Graphics Card: NVIDIA (GeForce 8600 GT), AMD (ATI Radeon HD 3600 Series), Intel (Intel G45 Express Chipset)

HDD: 300M

Optical Driver: Blu-ray Disc driver for BD Playback

Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024

BD3D Playback

CPU: Intel Core2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz,Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6700 @ 2.66GHz,Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 2.4GHz,Phenom X3 8400 2.1GHz

RAM: XP(N/A),Vista/Win7/Win8(2G)

Graphics Card: NVIDIA (NVIDIA GT 21x series and above, NVIDIA GeForce 8600 and above), AMD (ATI HD5000 series and above, ATI 4000 and above), Intel (Intel G45 and above,Intel G45 and above)


Optical Driver: Blu-ray Disc driver

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Sim3D Playback

CPU: Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13GHz,Core 2 Duo T7400 2.16GHz,Phenom X4 9650 2.3GHz

RAM: XP(N/A),Vista/Win7/Win8(2G)

Graphics Card: NVIDIA (NVIDIA 8000 series and above), AMD (ATI HD4000 series and above (for pageflip, use HD 5000 series and above), Intel (Intel G45 and above)


Optical Driver: DVD driver

Screen Resolution: 1680 x 1080

4K Video

Intel 3rd generation Core i5 or above

For Miracast

PC - Intel Haswell / Ivybridge platform and W8.1 OS

Adopter – refer to below devices (model)



SimHD is ArcSoft's upscaling technology, bringing low-resolution videos and DVDs to near high-resolution quality by utilizing the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture and AMD OpenCL to solve complex calculations in a fraction of the time.


Sim3D is ArcSoft's advanced technology, which allows users to view standard 2D photo slideshows and DVD movies with a 3D effect. With just one click, your 2D video can be easily turned into 3D in real-time.


"ArcSoft's TMT6 has not only provided a worthy successor to TMT3, but also taken the lead in HTPC Blu-ray playback."- by Andrew Van Til from

"With the exception of its (slightly) inhibiting virtual remote control, TotalMedia Theatre 6 is a fresh, accessible Blu-ray player software suitable for both movie buffs and casual viewers. With a host of beneficial features and the latest audio and video technology, this Blu-ray player software does an exemplary job of delivering flawless Blu-ray playback."- by

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